Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1st birthday party - d.y. jung

D.Y's 1st birthday party @ Oakwood hotel YongGoong Restaurant.

Riley package is inspired from Scandinavian and Nordic modern interior and graphics. Everything is designed with bold graphic patterns with black, white and gold, 

vivid accent colours, warm and soft felt pompom, clean and natural feeling plants. 
Hope you had a great time and happy 1st birthday, DY. 
Thanks for choosing Party with Chloe for your special moment!

Matryoshka Clip Art by Tick Tock Shop, 
Dala Horse Clip Art by Jenn Anderson Design, 
Owl Retro color Mosaic Clip Art by HoHoHo Design, 
Floral Woodland Animals Collection Clip Art by DreAmLoft 

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  1. Wow!! These birthday party arrangements are awesome dear! I got great ideas for my daughter’s party. Anyways, Can you please tell me if there are any good meeting rooms in Oakwood hotel? Actually I have never been there. Please reply dear!